Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Using Professional Photography Madison Commercial Photography

Using my Professional Photography is the most important step in the whole process. If you pay to have professional photography done and don’t use it to advertise your business than what is the point. Take the time to think about what you are going to use my photography for before we schedule a shoot. The bonus is on the day of our shoot we can create images that will support that use.

Since the digital age began the consumer of Commercial Photography has seen a drop in the cost of using this photography. Consumers would have to buy advertising, produce brochures (at a great cost) and direct mail them. In this digital age consumers have many more ways to share this photography, many of them for free. Websites are the most important place for every project you have photographed, it keeps fresh content on your site. Social media like Facebook is another great way to advertise your business through photography. We still live in a very visual world and it’s easier than ever to exploit that.
So let’s get some shots taken and make YOU some money!

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer Solstice is June 21st!

This is my favorite time of year, the Summer Solstice! This refers to the longest period of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere. It not only gives us more daylight it is also the time of year to Photograph Exteriors with a North facing elevation. North facing structures have always been a challenge for Architectural Photographers. Within a few weeks of June 21st we are able to capture skim light on those Northern Facades. Night shots are also a great choice for North facing buildings and an excellent way to hide poor landscaping. Take this time to evaluate your projects and decide if now is the time for Professional Photography.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Madison Wisconsin Professional Pool Photography

Residential Pool Advertising Photography

Advertising photography on Location is my specialty, in this instance the Product is Residential Pool finished installations. Shooting at the right time of day and correct composition techniques is key to the success of these images. Additional lighting is not needed in this situation, available light and correct exposure creates amazing results. My client was looking for different installations and a variety of Landscaping options to sell their products. Shooting at different times of day and night lends itself well to achieving this goal.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Madison Wisconsin Healthcare Photography

Healthcare Professional Photography

Healthcare Facilities need to be a comfortable welcoming place, photography plays an important role in conveying that feeling to your future clients. Shooting on Location is my specialty, I pride myself in delivering beautiful Interiors to sell your products. Be it Interior Design or Architecture producing representative Photography of your buildings is my job.

Look to Dale Hall Photography for all your Location Commercial Photographic needs.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Industrial Commercial Photographer, Madison Wisconsin


Industrial Location Photography is an art in itself!

Shooting on Location requires special equipment to handle the hostile conditions found in Industrial environments. Producing quality results involve communication with my clients and execution of the actual photography without interrupting the daily workflow of the manufacturing plant. 

The following shots were achieved in a Plasma Booth that needs to be sealed before the operator can begin the process. For these shots I needed to trigger my camera and additional strobe lighting remotely.
Once the process starts I can control the the capture from my computer.

Shooting in a plasma Booth to show an application process

Working in a Plasma Booth with a moving Robotic Arm

Industrial Products on Location

Shooting products on Location is beneficial to my clients as it saves them the time of traveling to the Photo Studio and also helps get the products back into inventory quicker.  

Large product  silhouette on location 

Many times my clients require the photography be on a white background, with small products I am able to shoot on a seamless white paper background. In this case the product was much too big so the silhouette was done in post-production.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Interior Architectural Photography, Madison Wisconsin Photographer

Specializing in Interior Photography based in Wisconsin since 1987. 

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I pride myself in communication with my clients to achieve Professional results the first time. I am now primarily shooting high res Digital but can also offer 4x5 Transparency film, as I spent the majority of my career behind a Large Format Camera. I do travel throughout the United States to satisfy my client’s needs for Location Photography.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Madison Wisconsin Photographer

I am an experienced Commercial/Advertising Professional Photographer based in Madison Wisconsin and in business for myself since 1987. Specializing in Commercial and Residential Architecture, producing high end product photography on location for Architects, Builders, Interior Designers and Product Catalogs. I have worked with Nancy Zieman and Nancy’s Notions LTD for over 25 years as their primary in-house catalog photographer. I pride myself in Communication with my clients to achieve Professional results the first time. I am now primarily shooting high res Digital but can also offer 4x5 Transparency film, as I spent the majority of my career behind a Large Format Camera. I do travel throughout the United States to satisfy my clients needs for Location Photography.