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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Industrial Commercial Photographer, Madison Wisconsin


Industrial Location Photography is an art in itself!

Shooting on Location requires special equipment to handle the hostile conditions found in Industrial environments. Producing quality results involve communication with my clients and execution of the actual photography without interrupting the daily workflow of the manufacturing plant. 

The following shots were achieved in a Plasma Booth that needs to be sealed before the operator can begin the process. For these shots I needed to trigger my camera and additional strobe lighting remotely.
Once the process starts I can control the the capture from my computer.

Shooting in a plasma Booth to show an application process

Working in a Plasma Booth with a moving Robotic Arm

Industrial Products on Location

Shooting products on Location is beneficial to my clients as it saves them the time of traveling to the Photo Studio and also helps get the products back into inventory quicker.  

Large product  silhouette on location 

Many times my clients require the photography be on a white background, with small products I am able to shoot on a seamless white paper background. In this case the product was much too big so the silhouette was done in post-production.

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