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Friday, January 25, 2013

Usage Rights!

    Usage rights refer to the way Photographers charge for an image, Portrait Photographers charge a small sitting fee for taking the original shots and then charge an inflated fee when you buy prints. Stock Photographers sell Usage rights because they can resell those images for many different applications, so it makes sense to charge based on usage. Commercial Photographers get their money up front with their Professional Fee. Commercial Photographers around the country will charge usage rights depending how you plan on using their photography. Basically if you use the shots for advertising and make Millions of Dollars, the photographer wants his cut! My philosophy has always been to get paid a fair price for my shots and when my client makes a lot of money with my photography they are more likely to buy more shots from me in the future. In fact I encourage my clients to use my photography in as many different ways as possible. I give my clients unlimited usage because I don’t resell those images, my clients are the end user,  I don’t sell that photo to another client. 

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